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About us
TIG has developed a Community-based, no-fees solution for sending money, at home and abroad, using blockchain and social media.
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TIG tokens are used on our Community Platform as the utility token for Quick Send, and for other additional features
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Main facts about TIG project
TIG aims to become the preferred alternative for sending money using the blockchain on any social media platform
TIG 2.0
We are relaunching the whole service with the new features and advanced marketing program
Community Bank Accounts
We have local Community bank accounts for Members in Europe (EUR) and the United Kingdom (GBP). We are expanding this network of local Community bank accounts as we build our Community.
Send money via messenger
Easily send your money on any social media such as Facebook, Whatsapp, text/SMS, email, Telegram, Skype and imessage.
Uniswap liquidity mining
Tigereum is launching the $TIG Liquidity Mining program

This liquidity mining program is analogous to the currently popular "yield farming" schemes across the DeFi space
New Community Growth program
We have developed a new community engagement program
We take care about our clients time. Just text us — and we will help you with all the questions.
December 2017
December 2017
Project Start
October 2019
October 2019
Beta 3
August 2020
August 2020
TIG V2 Launch
Rebranding, relaunch the product
August 2020
August 2020
Q4 2020
Q4 2020
New DeFi products
Darren Olney-Fraser
Darren is an experienced company director and investor. He practiced law for 20 years (was Partner in a global law firm), and has been CEO of a listed funds management company for 10 years. Darren founded Aero Cards Limited in 2015.
Mark Edmondson
Mark Edmondson is an experienced office administration professional. He manages the day-to-day operations of Aero.
Rennert van Rensberg
Rennert is an entrepeneur. Over the last 15 years, he built a chain of mobile phone retail stores and supplied prepaid SIMs to underbanked communities in Africa. He is an early investor in TIG because he is interested in how digital currencies can be used to better service underbanked communities in Africa.
Moses Adeniji
Moses is a project manager with over 5 years industrial experience on UX/UI design. He has project managed the design of TIG's products.
Gabriel Adeniji
Gabriel is a full stack web developer. He has been passionately programming for 10 years. He is TIG's lead programmer. When he isn't glued to his laptop programming for TIG he spends time learning cool things related to IT, and also playing video games.
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